New to Crossfit?

No problem! At Crossfit Minerstown, we offer an On Ramp Program designed to teach you the Crossfit movements and familiarize you with the gym, our systems, and how our Crossfit classes are organized. We also use our On Ramp Program as an opportunity for our coaches to get to know you and find out your fitness goals.

Our On Ramp Program consists of 5 one-on-one classes with one of our Crossfit Coaches, so you get the personalized attention you deserve. After the 5 one-on-one classes, you will be able to walk into any of our Crossfit classes and be familiar with the program. From there, our Coaches will help progress your Crossfit and fitness journey (trademark from Coach Colin). 

You can sign up using the Pricing tab, email us at info@crossfitminerstown.com, or call us at 435-659-1179. After you sign up, we can set up your one-on-one classes to fit your schedule.