Meet Your Trainers


Personal Training- Group Fitness - Mobility- Team Strength and Conditioning- Nutrition Coaching


Marin Allred, General Manager and Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Marin Allred grew up enjoying skiing, soccer, volleyball, and flag football. At the University of Dallas, she played on the Women’s Soccer team and needed a better way to train during the off-season. In 2012, she discovered CrossFit, which took her soccer to a new level. After training exclusively with Crossfit, Marin played in her final season as a senior and was named All-American, Academic All-American and she led her team to a second place in the Conference Championship.

Marin now enjoys CrossFit as a competitive outlet, community and training for backcountry skiing and mountain biking. She began coaching CrossFit in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2014, where she earned her Level 1 certification. Marin developed her skills under the mentorship of Ben Plotnicki and Samantha Wright at Urban WarFit. There she had the opportunity to help train elite athletes and CrossFit Games athletes.

Marin tries to balance a fun environment with the strict, no-screwing-around methods that lead to good technique. She is both the ‘good cop’ and ‘bad cop’ of Minerstown, aka, the General Manager. We’ve stopped counting how many hats she wears.

Marin has a little Bambino, who you will undoubtedly see hanging around the gym with her, and like any respectable citizen of Park City, two golden retrievers – Summit and Supai – who love people more than they love being mountain town dogs.


Ailee Larson, Business Development, Coach and Personal Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition
NASM Personal Trainer

Ailee (pronounced EYE-lee) grew up in Lutsen, Minnesota, where children could spend their time one of two ways: playing sports or ‘mud bogging’ (i.e., riding trucks through mud pits). Ailee chose both but thankfully did more sports than mud bogging.

In 2011, Ailee was recruited to run cross-country and track at St. Catherine University in Minnesota. She ran all 48 meets barefoot (and no, she hasn’t read Born to Run, so stop asking her). The reason she ran barefoot is that she felt that shoes “were too hot” and she “she didn’t like being hot.” Yes, we’re scratching our heads too.

At St. Katherine, Ailee discovered CrossFit. She developed her gymnastics and weightlifting skills under Miguel Torres at Athletic Advance in Costa Rica. With her fifteen years of ballet practice and teaching, Ailee has an eye for technique. She loves empowering people to discover what they’re capable of (safely) and appreciates how CF can adapt to everyone. In addition to teaching group classes, she teaches seminars on gymnastics skills and offers one-on-one training for endurance athletes.

Ailee’s athletic credentials are a little ridiculous, even by Park City standards. Before moving to Utah, she was nationally ranked in cross-country and competed internationally on Team Nike. She has won her age division in the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race and has competed for many years in the Lutsen 99er, founded by her father.

You may notice Ailee dancing around the gym in the middle of miserable WODs. That’s to lighten up the mood. You’re welcome.

Colin-CrossFit Coach-Park City.jpg

Colin Watkins, Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Colin Watkins grew up in Springfield, Missouri and played Division II baseball at Drury University. He wandered out to Utah in 2014 and started doing CrossFit with Mike Lynch, founder of Miners Town. CrossFit brought structure to Colin’s life and immersed him in a community that made the Wasatch feel like home.

Since then, Colin has competed in the Retro Games 2016, Mountain Meltdown, Battle Forged Throwdown, and Chain Breaker Team Throwdown. His passion for CrossFit naturally led him to the Level 1 certification in 2017.

In Colin’s own words (and by community consensus), he is a CF “nerd.” If you want to learn about exercise theory or the effects of your developmental background on fitness, just ask Colin. He coaches because he loves helping people have ‘light bulb’ moments that lead to breakthroughs in performance and ability. When he’s not coaching, he’s probably doing commercial lending at U.S. Bank in Park City.

Brian House CrossFit Coach Park City

Brian House, Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

In 2009, Brian House needed a better way to stay fit while serving on a wildland fire crew in Spanish Fork, Utah. A friend encouraged Brian to try CrossFit, and Brian, bless his soul, choose Cindy for his first CF workout. He got 12 rounds but noticed that everyone else was posting 20+ on the discussion boards. Today, Brian’s Cindy record is 29 rounds, and he has been coaching CrossFit since 2010.

Brian earned his CrossFit Level 1 under the mentorship of West Staten at Yellowstone CrossFit. Thanks to CF, Brian has been backcountry skiing, rock climbing, backpacking, and mountain biking further and harder than ever before. At Miners Town, Brian wants you to learn something, get a great workout, and have fun. It should be the best part of your day (even if you feel like puking).

When Brian isn’t coaching CrossFit, he’s an aficionado of rioting. He is a Hoosier and took part in the riots that occurred when Bobby Knight was fired in 2000. “You can’t pass up a good riot,” says Brian. Good thing he’s in law school at the University of Utah.

Ben Vantreese Training

Ben Vantreese, Personal Trainer and FRC Instructor

Ben Van Treese grew up in a family of high level, competition waterskiers. His mother being a national champion several times over gave him the opportunity grow up around elite coaches. This upbringing has fueled an interest in the human form and how training can shape the human body for performance. Throughout college Ben worked for Ohio State University's rec center as a personal trainer. Upon graduating from Ohio State with a BS in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Ben worked at 11athletic Performance Facility in Columbus, Ohio.

In his current role he works with professional athletes during the offseason, utilizing Functional Range Conditioning principles and Kinstretch to prepare them for the upcoming season. In person training is currently performed in Park City, Utah, remote training is available anywhere. Ben is motivated by an evidence based approach to training. His continuing education has focused on utilizing strength training to improve joint health, increase active range of motion, and increase end range strength.

Ben's passion for keeping up with current research and his ability to communicate his knowledge to clients makes him an effective coach. Ben's experience runs the gamut from children to adult, high school athlete to seasoned professionals. What makes him successful with his clients is his ability to enhance body control, mitigate injury, improve joint health, and most importantly increase physical longevity.

Sara Head Shot.jpg

Liam Nguyen, Coach and Personal Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Liam is one of the original members of Crossfit Minerstown. Liam loves traveling and exploring so he chose to live in his van down by the chairlift so he could pack up and head out wherever the good weather called him. In the Winter and Spring months you can find him “slayin pow”. In the Spring, Summer and Fall he is out on the trails running, hiking, biking, and exploring. When he’s not outside, you can find him at Minerstown fitnessing with his friends or coaching, And as always, bringing the dogs to hang out.

He lives to follow his passions and for the last 11yrs Park City, Utah has been his home base.  He lives by the motto, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” He lives and breathes to continue spreading the STOKE🤙 and LOVE❤️to everyone he meets! 

Sara Benson, Nutrition and Crossfit Coach

CrossFit Level Two Trainer (CF-L2)
Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
Power Pilates Instructor, Mat & Apparatus

Athletics, health, and fitness were always major parts of Sara’s adult life; she is has a passion water-skiing, snow skiing, and most things outdoors. This is what brought Sara and her husband Dan to Park City.  

Prior to becoming a CrossFit Trainer and nutrition coach, Sara pursued her passion for fitness and helping people improve strength and stability through Pilates. She received her Pilates certification, completing a 600-hour training program through Power Pilates in NY. She developed advanced training in both mat and apparatus. Sara started teaching private and group classes in 2011.

Discovering Pilates in 2008 was a blessing in disguise after an injury prevented her from doing some of the things she loved. Pilates enabled return to her chosen sports and led to drastic improvements in performance. Then CrossFit really changed everything! With CrossFit she realized there were many similarities between the two disciplines that complemented each other in many ways.

It is now Sara’s passion to help people become more active and live healthier lifestyles through Nutrition, CrossFit and Pilates. Providing a balance of functional movements, intensity and variety, CrossFit, along with the virtuosity complement of Pilates, provides a system for people to reach amazing fitness goals!